Keep your presentation FRESH

with new water bottles from American Metalcraft

  • The gorgeous 1-liter bottles are perfect for serving water, lemonade, tea and more right at the table!
  • Available in two styles - fluted or textured

New Low Profile Cast Iron


from American Metalcraft!

  • Heavy-duty cast iron goes straight from oven to table
  • With so many sizes and styles, there’s sure to be one (or two) for you
  • Use with American Metalcraft's Vidacasa Hot Cells to keep your food hot, right on the table!


Cold Drinks Are Heating Up

with American Metalcraft's New Silicone Ice Molds

  • Keep up with the trendy cocktail scene with these easy to use ice molds.
  • Five new ice mold styles are now available! 
  • Constructed from dishwasher-safe silicone, these molds are easy to clean and maintain.


Reduce Waste, Save Money and Eliminate Spills

with Cambro's KidsLids!


  • Reduce waste - when you switch from disposable cups to the reusable and durable Laguna Tumblers with Cambro KidsLids, you will reduce your waste by hundreds of pounds!

  • Save money - restaurants can save thousands of dollars a year by eliminating disposable cups!

  • Eliminate spills - reduce the chance for those "oops" moments that happen so often with children as your guests!

Protect your Food from Mop Slop!

with solid bottom shelving from Cambro

  • Keep your health inspector happy and protect your inventory with a solid bottom shelf
  • Available in all shelving sizes!
  • Shelving consultations and drawings available for FREE!

Keep it Fresh

Wtih Vidacasa Cold Cells by American Metalcraft!

  • Keep your presentation AND your food fresh with Vidacasa!
  • Chill your dishes up to SIX HOURS with a Cold Cell under your serving plates, bowls and platters
  • Simply freeze overnight to recharge - no cords or hassle!

Bring the Bar with You!

With a Cambro Portable Bar

  • Stylish, portable bars for hosting in any environment - inside or outside!
  • Each model has an ice bin and there are options available to suit your needs - soda gun, bag-in-box, speed rails and more!
  • Impact resistant, waterproof polyethylene will not chip, dent, rust, or crack.


The oven that caterers LOVE

Cadco OV-13SS
  • Eliminate the stress of finding an available oven on site!
  • Create seamless on-site production with this compact convection oven that allows you to finish and serve your menu on site
  • With room for 3 half-size sheet pans, you no longer have to sacrifice space for production!
  • 120V / 1450 watts 


Hot and Ready

with Cambro Heated Insulated Transport!
  • Keep your food hot as long as you need it with the Heated Ultra Pan Carrier from Cambro.
  • Stackable units!  Enjoy ample capacity in a small footprint
  • Whether you're transporting or using on site while plugged in, you can be sure that your food will be hot and that the flavor will be at its peak.


Heat Without Flame!

With Vidacasa Hot Cells from American Metalcraft
  •  Vidacasa Hot Cells stay hot at 176* for up to 3 hours or 230* for up to 2 hours on a rechargeable battery OR you can keep the cell plugged in for continuous heat.
  • Recharges in only 6 hours!
  • Use with your own serving pieces - no special equipment required!
  • Available with a wide variety of accessories to compliment your presentation!


Sleek & Sophisticated Non-Skid Bar Trays

NEW EpicTread Trays from Cambro!

  • With a contemporary oval design and sleek handles, the EpicTread Trays from Cambro are the perfect addition to your bar service.
  • An integral non-skid surface keeps your drinks and dishes safe from slips and spills
  • Personalization is available on both the top and bottom surfaces of each tray to keep your branding the focus


Keep your product fresher, brighter & crisper longer!

New Seal Covers from Cambro

Designed to fit all Camwear Food Pans, Seal Covers are the ideal lid!

  • Keep your products fresher, brighter and crisper longer with a tight seal!
  • Utilize all of the vertical space on your shelves by stacking your food pans
  • There is no downside to a fresher product and better use of limited storage space.

Lido App1 HR.jpg

Offer a New Twist on Drinks

with the new Lido Tumblers from Cambro

  • Versatile and durable, these tumblers offer a wide range of sizes to suit your beverage needs.
  • Matching Camlids are available to ensure a mess-free operation - perfect for kids!
  • Want to personalize your tumblers to bring an extra level of branding to the table?  We can help - just let us know!

NEW Cook N Cool Thermometer

From Cooper Atkins!

  • Monitor cooking temps without opening the oven door!
  • Keep track of cooling times and temperatures in real time!
  • Stay informed with integrated alarms that alert you when your desired temperatures have been reached.
  • Easily support your HAACP goals - featuring three displays, you can view the timer countdown, the actual temperature and the preset temperature all at once!

Keep it Cool & Classy

with American Metalcraft Double Wall Bowls

  • Keep your food cooler longer than you would be able to in standard bowls!
  • The double wall stainless steel construction reduces condensation, allowing for worry-free presentation.
  • Durable and classic - you can't go wrong with these versatile display pieces!
  • Available in multiple sizes and finishes.  Click below for more information.


NEW from Cambro

The UPC300 Ultra Pan Carrier offers updated design engineering!

  • No door gasket needed - the new design self-seals!
  • The door is now easily removed for simple clean up
  • Stackable with all existing 300MPC and 1318MTC carriers!


Upgrade your presentation with two boards in one!

When you use Carbonized Bamboo Serving Boards
from American Metalcraft

  • If you feel the time is right for an updated presentation...these boards are an economical way to upgrade!
  • If you have special items that need to be presented in a unique'll love the two different sides!
  • If how it looks needs to compliment the can't go wrong with carbonized bamboo!


Make your guests do a double take with Melamine Terra Cotta Pots

from American Metalcraft
  • Add a touch of whimsy to your summer menu / catering presentation with these unique serving dishes that will make your guests take a second look!
  • Made of durable melamine, these Melamine Terra Cotta Pots are more than just a fun accent piece!
  • Perfect for barbeque, catering, outdoor events, and more.
  • Available in four size to fit your needs!  Click the button below for more information.


Chill Out with ColdFest Pans from Cambro!

Warm weather brings outside buffets and catering. 
This creates the need and the challenge of outdoor food safety.
Cambro can help!

  • Cambro's ColdFest Pans keep contents chilled at or below 41°F without ice for up to 8 hours!
  • Simply freeze overnight for cold that lasts!
  • Four sizes & two colors available - click the button below for sizes available and their list prices


Take your presentation to new heights

with American Metalcraft Risers!

Add the warmth of bamboo to your next food presentation!

  • Upgrade your display with a few simple changes when you utilize risers from American Metalcraft!
  • Flip the riser over to create a bowl and add dimension to your buffet or table service - the possibilities are endless!
  • Each set of Bamboo Risers comes with a 6", 9", and 12" diameter pieces at varying heights.

Keep it Hot!

with Cambro's Heated Pan Carrier - UPCH400

If you are transporting hot food that must STAY hot, Cambro has the answer!

  • Featuring an energy-efficient electrically heated door - unique to Cambro catering products!

  • Cambro's UPCH400 keeps hot food safely between 150-165F

  • Recovery time to holding temp is only 3 minutes after the door has been opened and closed

Transport without the mess!

with Cambro Camwear GripLids

  • Remove the stress of transporting soups, sauces and more when you rely on Cambro.
  • Camwear GripLids seal in contents, allowing for spill-free transportation and delivery!
  • Available in full, half, third, and sixth sizes


Plate Up Some Fun

With American Metalcraft Melamine Paper Plates

  • Add a whimsical feel to your next event with none of the waste of traditional paper plates.
  • Enjoy the durability of melamine - use them over and over again!
  • Samples are available!


Upgrade your buffet!

with Antique White Melamine Bowls from
American Metalcraft

If you think your buffet design might need an upgrade, chances are that your customers are thinking the same thing.  

Make an affordable change with the look and feel of porcelain, without the cost!


The Grab-N-Go Nutrition Solution!

with Cambro Flex Carts you can:

  • Easily set up nutrition stations wherever you need them!

  • Offer simple grab-n-go options for breakfast or lunch service.

  • Make healthy choices easy and appealing with an attractive display!

  • Fully customize your display and storage - your Cambro rep will work withyou to create a cart that supports your specific nutrition program.


Patient Hydration Made Simple!

with New Cambro Lido Tumblers

  • Lido Tumblers feature liquid volume etch marks on the side of the tumbler in 2 ounce increments that make tracking your patients' intake quick and easy!

  • NSF certified with internal stacking rings for simple storage

  • Available in 6oz and 9oz tumblers

  • Snap-fit CamLids are available to prevent any spills


Take the hassle out of drying

with Cambro's Drying Rack System

The essential drying option for sheet pans, lids, cutting boards, and more!

  • Sheet pans, cutting boards, plastic lids and more can take a long time to dry, especially when stacked on top of each other.  With the Cambro Drying Rack System, you can dry AND store your wares all in the same place.  No more hassle!

  • Health inspectors applaud this drying system.  Keep yours happy!

  • Model featured above: EMU244878DRPKG

Put a fresh spin on your presentation!

with Wine Flights by American Metalcraft

Wine flights are a simple way to increase profits and when they look this good, they are hard for your customers to resist!

This look includes:


  • Flight Board with room for up to 4 different samples and is dishwasher safe

  • Glass Jars with a 3oz capacity - the perfect sample size!

  • Chalkboard labels (optional) to enhance the presentation


Maximize your options

with Cambro's 1/8th size pan

  • Increase your menu without increasing your space!  
  • Virtually unbreakable Camwear® polycarbonate will not crack, bend or dent
  • Also available as a High Heat H-Pan!

Go Big with Ice-O-Matic!

Introducing the Grande Cube Ice Machine

  • Cubes twice the size of a standard full cube allowing for a slower melt and an upscale appearance.
  • Energy Star rated
  • Only 30" wide, the Grande Cube ice machine fits into small spaces.
  • Ice-O-Matic offers the longest warranty in the ice machine industry!

Extend the Shelf Life of Your Inventory!

Food Pan Seal Covers from Cambro

With Cambro Seal Covers, you can:

  • Extend the shelf life of your food inventory thanks to a tight seal.
  • Utilize all of the vertical space on your shelves by stacking your food pans without crushing the product below.
  • Eliminate the use of plastic wrap and foil when storing food.         

New from Cambro!

Classic White Ceramic Ware Mugs

Improved safety, function, and fresh design for your meal service with the latest innovation from Cambro.

  • An innovative handle design includes a steadying thumb pad and two finger space, which allows patients and residents to have full control while drinking hot liquids.
  • Affordable elegance - create a homelike feel for your patients and residents.
  • Oven, Freezer and Microwave Safe
  • Matching Disposable CamLids are available - protecting you from spills during transport. (Mug Model #MDSM8C uses lid CLSM8B5 and Mug Model #MDSM8CNL uses lid CLNT12)

The Drying Solution Health Inspectors Love!

Camshelving Elements Angled Drying Rack


Have you been piling dishes on the side of your sink and slowing down the dishwashing line with the required dry time?  Cambro has a solution for your kitchen.  

The Camshelving Angled Drying Rack is a non-corrosive, versatile and sanitary drying solution that holds a wide range of newly washed products of different shapes. In addition to being more affordable than metal racks, it also eliminates unnecessary replacement that can be caused by deterioration, bending or breaking. This durable drying rack is ideal holding a mix of food pans, pots, bowls, plate covers, deli crocks and other kitchen wares.

All of the racks are removable and dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and easy clean up and sanitary maintenance. Keep that health inspector happy! 

New from American Metalcraft!

Rustic Wood Melamine Boards

Get the rich patterns and earthy look of wood, with the long-lasting durability of melamine in these new serving boards!  These boards are the perfect way to upgrade your food presentations during the holiday season and beyond.  

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